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Download PDF catalogues: 9, Vladimira Gortana St. || 26-28, Vladimira Gortana St.


9, Vladimira Gortana St., Belgrade


Apartment S11 - 2.5-room 57m2

1. Entrance 6,60m2
2. Bathroom 4,33m2
3. Room 10,45m2
4. Room 8,64m2
5. Kitchen 4,00m2
6. Living/dining room   19,75m2
7. Toilet 1,43m2
8. Terrace 1,80m2
TOTAL 57,00m2  

Apartment S12 - 2.5-room 54,05m2

1. Entrance 4,81m2
2. Bathroom 4,96m2
3. Room  11,75m2
4. Room 6,60m2
5. Living room 13,26m2
6. Kitchen/dining room 9,00m2
7. Toilet 2,37m2
8. Terrace 1,30m2



Apartment S13 - 2.0-room 48,00m2

1. Entrance / dining room 10,29m2
2. Room 9,76m2
3. Bathroom 3,60m2
4. Living room/kitchen 16,50m2
5. Terrace 2,90m2
6. Terrace 14,60m2







26-28, Vladimira Gortana St., Belgrade

The building is situated in 26-28, Vladimira Gortana St., in the immediate vicinity of the intersection of Bulevar kralja Aleksandra Blvd. and Ustanicka St.

The building is structured as follows: garage + ground floor + 4 upper floors + recessed top floor. Apartments vary in structure and size, from 1.5-room to 3.0-room apartments, i.e. 36-74 74 m2, all with appropriate terraces.

A special quality of this property is a double view: the apartments look onto V. Gortana St. and the courtyard, which provides this building located in a quiet, 'residential' street with all the prerequisites for good-quality housing.

The design process focused particularly on the functional aspect of the residential units - apartments, in terms of a maximum utilization of living space, according to desires and needs of a modern buyer.

The building is designed based on modern principles and demands of the market, and constructed using top-quality materials. According to energy efficiency regulations, the building is constructed with extremely good thermal insulation, and, in combination with exterior 5-chamber PVC doors and windows and low-emissivity glass, this ensures extraordinary results in cost-effective heating and cooling.

Finishing works on walls and floors (parquet, ceramic tiling, and paintwork), and the designed fittings and fixtures (sanitary equipment, electrical fittings, and heating units) are also of first-class quality.

Interior joinery work is of good quality and modern design, matching other interior design elements.

Each apartment is provided with a security front door and a video signal from the camera fitted at the entrance to the building.

The building is equipped with an electro-mechanical lift for 6 persons.

Connections are provided for all designed utilities: power supply, water supply, sewerage, district heating, cable TV/Internet, and landline telephone service.


Apartment S1 - 3.0-room 70,50m2

1. Entrance 2,20m2
2. Bathroom 5,15m2
3. Kitchen 4,35m2
4. Living/dining room   23,50m2
5. Room 10,60m2
6. Room 18,20m2
7. Terrace 6,50m2
TOTAL 70,50m2  


Apartment S3 - 1.5-room 38,00m2

1. Entrance 2,35m2
2. Bathroom 4,30m2
3. Kitchen 4,65m2
4. Living/dining room   19,65m2
5. Room 7,05m2
TOTAL 38,00m2  

Apartment S4 - 3.0-room 65,50m2

1. Entrance / wardrobe 7,20m2
2. Bathroom 4,00m2
3. Kitchen 4,65m2
4. Living/dining room   20,30m2
5. Room 10,60m2
6. Room 11,75m2
7. Terrace 7,00m2
TOTAL 65,50m2  

Apartment S5, S15, S20 - 1.0-room 38,00m2

1. Living/dining room 17,10m2
2. Bathroom 3,50m2
3. Kitchen 3,90m2
4. Room 10,40m2
5. Terrace 3,10m2
TOTAL 38,00m2  

Apartment S7, S12, S17, S22 - 2.0-room 44,00m2

1. Entrance 3,60m2
2. Bathroom 3,70m2
3. Kitchen 3,70m2
4. Living/dining room 19,60m2
5. Room 9,50m2
6. Terrace 3,90m2
TOTAL 44,00m2  

Apartment S8, S13, S18, S23 - 2.0-room 53,00m2

1. Entrance 5,70m2
2. Bathroom 4,80m2
3. Kitchen 4,90m2
4. Living/dining room 20,85m2
5. Room 13,55m2
6. Terrace 3,20m2
TOTAL 53,00m2  

Apartment S9, S14, S19 - 2.0-room 42,50m2

1. Entrance 4,90m2
2. Bathroom 4,00m2
3. Kitchen 4,60m2
4. Living/dining room 16,60m2
5. Room 9,40m2
6. Terrace 3,00m2
TOTAL 42,50m2  

Apartment S16, S21- 3.0-room 73,50m2

1. Entrance 7,05m2
2. Toilet 1,60m2
3. Bathroom 5,10m2
4. Kitchen 5,95m2
5. Living room                18,25m2
6. Dining room 8,00m2
7. Room 9,30m2
8. Room 12,15m2
9. Terrace 3,05m2
10. Terrace                                   3,05m2
TOTAL 73,50m2  

Apartment S26 - 3.0-room 74,00m2

1. Entrance 7,30m2
2. Toilet 1,50m2
3. Bathroom 5,00m2
4. Kitchen 7,60m2
5. Living room                25,00m2
6. Room 8,90m2
7. Room 11,20m2
8. Terrace 3,00m2
9. Terrace 4,5m2
TOTAL 74,00m2